VOXCOLOR Colorboost Pro

VOXCOLOR Colorboost Pro


Boost colors beyond Lightroom's vibrance. This download gives you the ability to boost colors based on vibrancy. You'll also get profiles tuned portrait and landscape photos and the ability to boost colors based on luminosity.

  • Colorboost NC intensifies neutral colors giving you the latitude to create a highly-vibrant photo with less out-of-gamut colors. 
  • Colorboost VC intensifies vibrant colors and protects neutral colors. The contrast between neutral and vibrant colors creates a colorpop effect.
  • Colorboost NC/VC Portrait mode protects skin tones and is great for any type of portrait photography. 
  • Colorboost NC/VC Landscape mode darkens blue skies and creates vivid foilage.
  • Colorboost NC/VC Shadows/Midtones/Highlights lets you further refine your colorboost towards the shadows, midtones or highlights.

What you'll get:

  • Colorboost NC
  • Colorboost VC

Compatible with:

  • Lightroom Classic CC
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There's a new way to boost colors in Lightroom CC. Add vibrancy to portrait photos without affecting skin tones. Intensify landscapes with more natural results. Colorboost is a pack of 12 Lightroom CC profiles that will intensify the colors in your photos in new reinvented ways.

What You'll Get

  • 12 Lightroom CC Profiles

Lightroom Profiles

  1. Boost Neutral Colors
  2. Boost NC (Landscapes)
  3. Boost NC (Portraits)
  4. Boost NC Shadows
  5. Boost NC Midtones
  6. Boost NC Highlights
  7. Boost Vivid Colors
  8. Boost VC (Landscapes)
  9. Boost VC (Portraits)
  10. Boost VC Shadows
  11. Boost VC Midtones
  12. Boost VC Highlights

Say Hello to the Future of Vibrance & Saturation

Unlock new ways to boost colors in Lightroom CC. These profiles let you choose between boosting neutral or vivid colors and can give your photos better results than vibrance & saturation.

A Natural Way to Enhance Colors

Lightroom’s adjustments can overprocess colors. With these new profiles, you can intensify colors further while retaining natural colors.

Protect Skin Tones

Who says you can’t boost colors for portraits? There are two profiles specially formulated to protect skin tones.

Shadows. Midtones. Highlights.

Target your profiles to specific luminosity ranges for even better results.

Compatible With

  • Lightroom CC (April 2018 Update & Newer)
  • Lightroom Classic CC (April 2018 Update & Newer)

If you do not see the Profile section, please update to the latest version of Lightroom from the Creative Cloud app. The Profile feature was released on April 2018.