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Custom Lightroom Presets


You worked hard to grow your followers. Your followers love you and want to support you. VOXCOLOR can help you gain a new revenue source that benefits you and your followers. 

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Super-Fast Lightroom CC Profiles

Futureproof your product and give your customers the fastest experience. Unlike presets, profiles use an intuitive interface with render speeds up to 10x faster.

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Use Anywhere

Lightroom profiles can automatically sync with Lightroom CC for iOS and Android.

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Lightweight Presets for Lightroom 5-6

Are your customers still using Lightroom 5 or 6? VOXCOLOR can help you create presets that use  60% fewer settings.


Video LUTs Included

Whether you choose next-gen Lightroom profiles or traditional presets, you'll get matching LUTs that can be used in other software. LUTs are supported in Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Affinity Photo and more.

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3D Color Grading

Take advantage of Lightroom profiles 3D color grading space that gives your photos more dynamic results. 

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Protect Skin Tones

Strong color grading can make skin tones look unnatural. With VOXCOLOR's STP technology, you can restore original skin tones at your chosen strength. STP works on both dark and light skin tones.

Ultra-Smooth Tones

The tone curve is a powerful tool that also requires extreme precision. When the input values don't align, they can cause color imbalances. VOXCOLOR's SmoothTones technology fixes irregularities in low-quality tone curves.


Starter Presets Pack

  • Lightroom CC presets
  • Matching LUTs
  • 1 revision
  • Give it as a freebie anywhere
  • Resell on your personal website or social media accounts
  • Credits to VOXCOLOR required

Pro Presets Pack

  • Lightroom CC presets or profiles
  • Matching LUTs
  • 2 revisions
  • Give it as a freebie anywhere
  • Resell anywhere
  • Private labeling. No credits required.
  • Optional skin tone protection (profiles only)


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