Say Hello to the new Vibrance


Boost colors beyond Lightroom's vibrance. Colorboost is a set of Lightroom profiles that gives you the power to intensify colors further with more natural results.


Vibrance vs Colorboost Pancakes.jpg

Deliciously vibrant.

Lightroom's vibrance can cause unwanted color shifts. VOXCOLOR Colorboost helps your photo retain natural colors even at higher settings.

Colorboost NC vs VC.jpg

Target neutral or vibrant colors. Your choice.

Use Colorboost NC to boost neutral colors and increase the overall saturation. Want to make colors pop? Use Colorboost VC to boost vibrant colors while keeping neutral colors neutral.

Protect Skin Tones.jpg

Protect skin tones.

The included portrait profiles let you boost colors with less effect on skin tones.

Vibrance vs Colorboost Gamut.jpg

More vibrancy. Less out-of-gamut colors.

Using the Colorboost NC profiles, you can boost neutral colors and protect the already-vibrant colors. This lets you push colors further than ever before.

Shadows Midtones and Highlights.jpg

Shadows, midtones or highlights.

Not only can you boost colors by vibrancy, you can further target it towards shadows, midtones or highlights.


Download Colorboost

VOXCOLOR Colorboost is compatible with Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC.

Colorboost Basic

  • Colorboost NC
  • Colorboost VC

Colorboost Pro

  • Colorboost NC
  • Colorboost VC
  • Colorboost NC/VC (Portrait Mode)
  • Colorboost NC/VC (Landscape Mode)
  • Colorboost NC/VC - Target Shadows
  • Colorboost NC/VC - Target Midtones
  • Colorboost NC/VC - Target Highlights
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