Introducing Night Shift - Bold Looks for Your Nightscapes

Every year, photographers are getting bolder with their color grading. Take a look at the works of photographers like Masashi Wakui and Cody Ellingham. Their experimental color grading creates a dystopian mood.

So I decided to try my own style.

Introducing Night Shift. Night Shift is abstract color grading designed for the 12am photographers.

These Lightroom presets and LUTs transform your nightscapes. Here's one of my photos that I've processed using the "Edge" preset. To achieve the yellows, I shifted the white balance. The presets respond to your white balance.

Photographer: Denny Tang  Preset: Edge

Photographer: Denny Tang

Preset: Edge

The 3D color grading gives your photos a dynamic look that you can't recreate with Lightroom settings. Most presets on VOXCOLOR were created using custom-coded tools.

Photographer: AchimHB  Preset: Outrun

Photographer: AchimHB

Preset: Outrun

By the way, these do not protect skin tones. I tried using my skin tone algorithm on it but the color grading became too soft. It's not worth it. So these presets are only for landscapes.

They work on mobile and are speed-optimized for fast rendering. They use profiles with built-in opacity.

The presets are compatible with:

  • Lightroom CC

  • Lightroom Classic CC

  • Lightroom Mobile

  • Photoshop CC (via the Camera Raw filter)

Download Night Shift

Head over to the product page to download these presets. The basic version is free and comes with 3 presets. There’s a Pro version with 13 presets and a Studio version with 15 presets and LUTs.

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