Take a Sneak Peek of VOXCOLOR's Skin Tone Protection


Soon, you will be able to color grade anything with skin tone protection.

In the past, color grading your footage while protecting skin tones is hard. It often means sticking to safe and subtle looks. Picking colors that work well with skin tones is an art.

But there's a simpler way to do this. In the past 4 months, I've been working on a new algorithm. It makes your LUTs and Lightroom profiles safe for skin tones by restoring up to 100% of the original skin tones.

Skin Tone Protection Examples

Here are some examples of VOXCOLOR STP in action.

VOXCOLOR STP Example 01.jpg

50% skin tone protection gives a good balance between protection and color grading. You can push it to 100%, but the effect will be reduced.


How about on dark skin tones?

Yes! It works on both dark and light skin tones. If you need better accuracy, I can custom match it to a skin tone of your choice.

Protection on Various Skin Tones

Is there anything this won’t work for?

Have a look at the image below. Since the background is in the same range as skin tones, the color grading will be masked out from most of the image.

Keep in mind, LUTs can only remap colors - there’s no AI or face detection. Perhaps that’s something we can look forward to in the future?

Can I protect skin tones in videos?

STP works on video without any extra work. Because the protection gently fades out, you don’t need to do any special masking.

Watch the video below to see various strong color grading with STP at 50% strength.

When can you get this?

I’m hoping to release this as a service within the next 2 months. Please email me if you are a colorist/developer interested in trying this out.

The only product with this is SparkleStock Traveller. It's a set of 40 Lightroom profiles and LUTs. I will be updating more of my products with this algorithm - so keep an eye out!

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